Everyone dreams.
For the luckiest and the most persevering of us, these dreams become projects.

But before realising your project, it may be difficult to precisely visualise it and communicate your vision to others.
ArchiPix can show you some of your dreams before they come true.
ArchiPix’s skills are in 3D realtime design, specialised in architecture and the physical environment. In other words, architectural visualisation. These skills are put at your service and allow you to be aware of the visual impact of your project and to communicate your ideas in an dynamic, original and immersive way for you and your customers.

Don’t just look at your project anymore. Go inside it !


Architectural Visualisation

ArchiPix models your project in 3D and integrates it into the physical environment of your choice, with the possibility of including customised options.

Move freely

There are no limits to how you explore your project.

Realistic Sun location

Change the date and time to test the sunlight at different times of the day and the year.

Realistic relief

Generation of topography based on satellite pictures.

What you get at the end

A folder you download which allows you to enter your project in 3D realtime.

Adjusted to your needs

Every service is matched to your needs because every project is unique. The level of complexity you want is entirely adjustable at every step in the progression of your project. You can choose from the most simple to the most detailed visualisation.

Simple Visualisation

Visual rendering similar to an architectural scale model : simple modelling, no furniture, no vegetation, monochrome materials, low-detailed environment, dynamic Sun, dynamic date and time.

Detailed Visualisation

The complexity and the detail of the modelling can be pushed as far as you want. ArchiPix can model specific elements on demand : plants, existing furniture, etc. Interior and exterior layout, dynamic Sun, dynamic date and time.

Virtual reality

Each ArchiPix production is compatible with virtual reality technology. The Oculus Rift DK2 is a virtual reality headset which gives a 100° field of view. Head tracking and head location offer complete immersion in the virtual environment. Furthermore, the 3D effect you get allows you to perceive depth perfectly.


Demonstration house

This demonstration house is fictitious and gives you an example of the kind of result you can expect. In this project, you can move freely, change the date and the time of the visualisation, and also change the point of view by switching between cameras.

Interested ?

Estimate request

If you are interested, ask for an estimate for the visualisation of your project in 3D realtime.

Fill in the estimate request form opposite, or write directly to

Information to transmit

To do the visualisation, send any of the following resources : plans, sketches, pictures, etc.

Customised options

Define what you want in terms of options and level of detail.

For example : How detailed do you need the environment and the surroundings ; only the building plot, or with the complete landscape ? Do you have specific demands for your furniture or outdoor setting ? Etc.

The level of complexity you want is entirely adjustable at every step in the progression of your project. You can start from the most simple visual rendering and then choose to make it as complex as you wish.

As soon as ArchiPix has all the information necessary to make the estimate, you will be contacted.

Estimate request form

This form allows to choose from different options linked to an architectural visualization. If your project is not related to architecture, please feel free to submit your request by writing to

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Who are we ?

Jonathan Dubi

architect – 3D designer
Vital Courvoisier


Our interests led us to specialise in the creation of virtual projects.

In order to make these creations more alive, more dynamic, beyond simple pictures or videos, our work takes the shape of 3D realtime design.


3D realtime engine : Unity 5

Model importation

Landscape modelling

Material implementation

Shader management

Light creation

Particle system creation

Post effects management


Low resolution modelling

High resolution modelling

UV map for materials

UV map for lightmaps


Material creation

Substance Designer

Complex material creation


Vegetation modelling


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Jonathan Dubi

36 rue Sonnex

1218 Le Grand-Saconnex


+41 76 495 02 10